Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Having a Ball This Fall

Our fab five braving the cold for a quick pic. These days go by way too fast! 
I am beyond thankful to the Lord for each one, so unique from the other.

Friends + ice cream = a great day

This was taken at the end of September, one month ago. We were outside at the Title town District having a blast in the hot hot weather!

Leila loves practicing her numbers =)

Just because....

Picking apples with Dad...

and Mom....cheese!

Yesterday, Theo said, "Mom, I am SO busy!" I thought, wow, that was really articulate. I asked, "Busy?". He responded, " Yes! I'm so busy from spinning in a circle!". Awe, sweet pea. DIZZY!

Mmmm. Soon to be applesauce.

This really is fun, I'm just going to make you think I don't like it. :)

Goofy faces!

Sam noticed this alliteration ('treats, teddies, and treasures') during a trip to Door County. He wouldn't stand by the sign for a picture until I told him he couldn't go inside until he posed for the pic. Ha! We all enjoyed some mint fudge.

A trip to Chicago for the weekend with my love. We saw the amazing 'Poets in Autumn' on their tour, and enjoyed a day of camping in Kettle Moraine.

Look at this crew! 2017 costumes: A bee, Ninja Turtles, Queen of Hearts, and Batman

Visiting Ernest..err...Grandma Lo... at work!

Trick or treating with friends. Until next month!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pumpkin Days 2017

Every fall, Uncle Mike and Aunt Julie host a spectacular fall gathering- Pumpkin Days!

Theo is so independent. He loved riding on the wagon behind the tractor, even though earlier at breakfast he was a little more doubtful, "I might ride the tractor or I might not." 

Leila found her favorite pumpkin and then enjoyed the ride back which included a trip through the creek. She also loved playing with Theo in the house of hay, and running around outside.

Sam was non-stop the whole time- from football, to wresting cousins, to wagon pushes down the driveway, this guy will sleep good tonight!

It didn't take long for Silas to find his pumpkin, either. He also played hard, including football, baseball and volleyball. He had lots of treats and enjoyed the sun-shiney day.

Grandma by the tractor with her tractor shirt- how fun!

How sunny this fall?

Best buds Sam and Noah

Until next month....toot toot!

June, July, August & September!

I am not sure why this blog-break has been four months!! But I do know that this "Dark Beauty" turned 6 on September 10th! Leila Francine is a delightful girl whose giggle will steal anyone's affection! She loves to play with her dolls and her friends. She also loves 
running, kids meals, and anything sparkly and pretty. Thank you, Lord, for our sweet daughter!

Leila invited many friends to celebrate with her; we are so thankful so many could make it! 

We played dress up relays, beaded bracelets, decorated cupcakes, and ate them too.

These two!

Silas and Dad ran into someone special at a Brewers game- check that height!!

Up North- This is how we ride!

Gretta's first year at camp with roomies Braylin and Alaina

Sam and his buddies gearing up for a fun week

Spending some time at a park with Kendra too

Go Dodgers!

Sammy loved his team and is eager to play more ball next summer

Grandma and Grandpa treated us all to a trip to the zoo. Cheese!

Camping with friends, but never without dabbing :)

Sweet smiles

Time with friends = priceless

Cousin fun

Mom and Gretta date night- first fancy facials- tingly, but refreshing

A visit from Auntie Sarah- thank you for meeting us at a park in Appleton! We loved seeing you!

I couldn't resist adding this pic of swimmer Theo- his mouth is usually wide open whenever he is in water, he loves it so much and can't stop giggling!

My cousin Brandon's wedding- a beautiful bride...

and a goofy photo booth :)

So much more to share, but just a glimpse of what we have been up to the last couple of months. Life has been full as our school year is in full gear. We are living each day to the fullest, and hopefully blogging will be more a part of our lives- how I love looking back fondly at these fleeting moments! 
"Taste and see that the Lord is good; Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!" Psalm 34:8 NLT

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Just the Beginning

Theo and Auggie, flattering in flannel even if faces are funny :)

One of our highlights this month was swapping my girls with my sister's boys. We had a blast together eating a lot...

Watching boy shows....

building amazing lego creations...

swimming some laps...

and to top it all off...here is the before picture...

and AFTER of haircuts- such a handsome crew. Much thanks to Auntie Beth!

Gretta took advantage of some browning bananas and baked up some yummy banana bread. 

The four older kids have been taking swimming lessons at the same time, which leaves Theo and I, snacks, books, and trucks in hand, cheering them on from the bleachers. Afterwards, we sometimes jump in the pool too. I think this guy is ready!

Target Starbucks with the Leatherberries- we love Target runs!!

Our first Daddy-Daughter Dance at Jacob's Well. 

We had so much fun at cousin Liza's gymnastic birthday party- boys will still be boys :)

We found Mr Sanders tree at Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan. Theo was on day 2 of potty training and didn't miss a beat.

We brought a friend and met lots of friends to play in the sun, exploring the Gardens.

Make a funny face if you had a great time!

Gretta is having an art lesson with Leila, initiated on her own. :)

Gretta performed in Into the Woods this year with His Majesty's Theater and Miss Molly.

Can you find Gretta? She blossomed as a tree!

Cousin hugs afterwards. We love you too, Jax and Grey!

I couldn't pass this picture up. Someone thought my bedroom dresser would make for a perfect scabbard! Lord, help me to enjoy these sweet years as they will go by fast!

We had some visitors for a delicious supper of Sloppy Joe's, fruit, and baked veggies.

Potty training started Monday, May 15th. We had quite a few accidents the first day, 
but this guy was willing and ready.

By day two (our trip to Bookworm Gardens) he had this thing. He told me when he had to go, and held it until we got to the restrooms.

"Hey mom?" "Huh?" "You said the nerd word!!!" I thought the nerd word was "what". =)

Cousins and Auntie eating together in style.

A trip to the bargain cave at Cabellas, looking for last minute Boundary Waters supplies.

We met my college room mate Jodi at Lindsey's house in Oshkosh- it has been years, but so great to catch up and meet each other's kids!

Our first trip to Bay Beach this season. Rides are a quarter, and orange seemed to be the ride choice color of the day for these two!

A first with cotton candy- they may be a bit shocked I said yes!

These two were not so excited about the texture. That is OK with me!

Sandra and Leia brought over fresh, warm pastries and churros- yummy!!

We finally planted these beautiful Knock Out rose bushes- thank you Dad!

Can't we go with you too?

The guys left Sunday for the Boundary Waters and we miss them like crazy! 
They are planning to be home Saturday night and we can't wait!

In the mean time, we had supper at GG and Gampys and enjoyed Gampys grilled pineapple with cinnamon- our new favorite =)