Sunday, April 29, 2018

March and April

Turning 4 is hard work!

Faces of History 2018
Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Rosa Parks, Daniel Boon & Babe Ruth

Happy Birthday, Theo!

Red and black and white...

Letting her nails dry!

One of the last snow falls of the winter...

Happy Birthday Pierce!!!

No laughing allowed.

Trying a new do!

Getting ready for Easter- Gretta helped set the kids tables.

Celebrating Easter and Sammy's 10th Birthday!

And the adult table complete with china; complements of Auntie Karen <3 p="">
Enjoying the meal!

These noisy kids made sure we heard them singing the 
Bill of Rights and the Preamble to the US constitution :P

Group pictures are fun!

Easter at Uncle Mike and Aunt Julie's, complete with 'staches.

We visited Grandma in her new home.

Gretta and Leila have one more practice, and then it's showtime!! 
Les Miserables performed by Hosana Choir

And the record 24.2 inches from April 13-16; we will always remember this "spring"!

Shoveling and more shoveling...

"Cheese!" with Grandma Lo and Grandpa Jer

Donuts for breakfast- the birthday boy's choice!

Did anyone see Theo? See Yoda I can.

These three are memory masters!! What an adventure!! The Crosspoint lot was not plowed, so the Lord provided space at St. Marks. Despite a rearranged morning, they all passed with flying colors!

CC DePere 2017-2018

We had a lovely visit to MN this month, and enjoyed playing with these sweet friends!!

Rollerskating with a hiking stick...

Awana's year end celebration

Last year of Awana for some!

Theo and Reuel at GG and Gampys

Being silly! Over and out :)

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fantastic February Flew

The passing down of baseball cards- I've wondered what this moment would be like! 
The boys were so happy to "inherit" Dad's old collection.

GG brought Kujo over while she took Gretta to voice lessons. The kids were enthralled while he was with us, proudly asserting commands to Kuj the whole time, and receiving wet kisses!

The boys have been playing a few games of bball this month- GO EAGLES!

Grandpa came to cheer on his favorite team.

Baudhuin boy bonanza! We love this family!

Leila and Serena at Disney on Ice

Smile if you LOVE this!

Is that real fire?

Elsa got the biggest applause.

Not sure if this guy is going to the beach, work for a day, or Alaska, 
but where ever he's going, he's ready!

DQ thanks to Valentine's gift cards from Grandma and Grandpa!

Stop growing, Sam!!

Silas only gets a before shot. Sorry, bud!

Theo with locks...

Theo with less locks. So handsome!

Date night at Title Town. I sure love this guy. First, we ice skated, and then...

...shared an appetizer and dessert at Hinterland. Perfect night out!

"Leafing" you with one last shot- Theo feeding a giraffe at the NEW Zoo. Until next month!