Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Baseball & Travels

We closed out July baseball-style. Sam played catcher and 2nd base for the Blue Jays. His team took second in the league but didn't place in the tournament. He really enjoyed it, and next year we will, Lord willing, have three boys in baseball- oh my!

Go Blue Jays!!

Silas played for the Duram Bulls- here he is with his good buddy Ross. The value of learning and growing with a team is priceless!

Sy played most positions on defense, and loved to hit a strong cut down right field to get to first or second. His team won second in the tournament.

Crosspoint offered a Fine Arts camp this year, where you see Gretta and Leila sporting the hats and shoes they decorated.

The kids had a blast learning scripture, worshiping, and creating all week.

Three sisters hanging out at Bear Lake!

A perfect day for a swim and kayak ride.

Four generations!

Before we left for Canada, we had a visit from some sweet friends and climbed the tower at the National Railroad Museum. You cannot tell how high we are from the picture, but don't look down if you don't like heights!

Our first stop on our trip was at an Air B&B in Chamberlain, South Dakota. We met this friendly neighbor Allie and the kids had a blast throwing her sticks.

We met up with friends in Chamberlain and made our way to Long Valley to meet a few (MANY, actually) prairie dogs.

Thanks to Sam and Caleb, we were able to get in free to any National Park in the US because they are finishing their forth grade year. These are bison in Custer State Park.


We camped at Crazy Horse Campground...

...and swam in the pool.

Off to Mount Rushmore. Look closely, and you can see what state we are from!

View from below...

Ninety percent of the faces were made from dynamite! 

Mt. Jackson and Gremore

We journeyed on to Belt Montana to meet Grandma Lo and Grandpa Jer.

Hiking in Glacier National Park was a blast...

and the views were electric!

I can smell the fresh air!

We journeyed on to Banff National Park and Lake Louise.

The glacier run off was SO cold. 

This is a little past the half way point to Lake Agnes.

The rest stop was refreshing,

especially since the incline was steep!

And we made it!

Worth every minute.

The Lake Agnes Tea House

Is there a caption that would fit this one?!

The 3 older kids and I climbed a rock wall (boys in flip flops) to see Moraine Lake, only to find out that there was a trail on the other side! So what did we do?

Climb down and over the logs and back up the rock wall again!


...especially at sunset. We were told to come between 7 and 8pm to avoid the crowds. Boy were we glad we did!

We checked out some natural hot springs too (on a drizzly day). 103 degrees!

Everywhere you look...

this is what you see...

....and this!

Did I mention this?

"All creation, come praise
the name of the Lord.
    Praise his name alone.
The glory of God is greater
    than heaven and earth." 
Psalm 148:17

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May's Memories

Hanging out at the park with friends

"Farmer, farmer, let me down!"

New cousin Ryle was born on May 4th!

Proud cousins!

Baby love

Curly, Larry, and Moe

Pre-showtime playing...

Gretta and Leila were both in Les Mis this year, and these sweet Aunts came to see!

Biggest fans!

The cast

Cousin love

The actresses after the show!

The crew

One of our many bike rides already this spring...to the Title Town District!

Mother's Day lunch- steak kabobs and homemade guac- yum!!

Dab if you love your cousins!

In Chicago the night before our flight to CA

A three hour delay never stopped us!

My flying buddy

Gretta's first flight

Here we go!

First outdoor swim of the season...in Brentwood, CA!

We picked some flowers and put them in a vase. Auntie Rachel pulled out some oil paints, 
and Gretta came up with this work of art! 

Mortimer and Hezekiah by Auntie Rachel

I wanted to try yellow and gray- and lots of green!

Granny's (age 88!) sweet rendition

Voted favorite of all- mama Rae's mammal

Mount Diablo


Four generations- going strong!

Me and my oldest- after a yummy dinner of fish and chips

The background is not fake! That was our view in this restaurant in Monterey

Bubba Gump Shoes

My name's Gretta. Gretta Gump. :)

Come sail away.

The Pacific Ocean

Decadent Desserts

The view in Auntie Rachel and Uncle Bill's Community

A Lizzard!

We stole Granny and brought her home, but this has been her home for the last 5 months-
 truly a blessing!

"Let's see what this book has to say" - Theo

A girl and her fairy garden

We hiked a 2.9 mile loop over Memorial Day weekend. It was memorable to say the least! 
After swarms of bugs, swampy land, large hills & muddy shoes, there was an end in sight!

Afterwards, we took a swim in Boot Lake, and went back to Mom and Dad's cabin in Suring for a burger dinner and some games. 

Cooling off after some time playing at Voyager Park in De Pere.
Until next time!!