Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January's Ponderings

Two sweet boys wondering when it will be their turn to participate in Awana!! Soon, boys!

Granny, Auntie Rachel and GG were visiting- so fun to see them all!!

A sweet view at the Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay.

"Look up here!"

Bears DO bite! Uh oh!

Gretta taking care of Emily. Sweet girls!

Steak night in instead of dining out. Each person had a job- from washing and cutting lettuce to setting the table- this was one well-prepared meal!

Gretta turned 11 in December, and had a sleepover this month to celebrate.

The girls played a spin for polish game...

...and followed their clues to find their treasure bags including a journal, pen and Kind bar :)

After playing the saran wrap game...

Leila was a big helper!

Dabbing at CC

Our sweet friends from AZ came to visit. The boys had fun playing Mr.Mouth and Sorry. We are all thankful for time with friends, especially during these cold days!! Until next month! 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas Adventures 2017

This sums up how we all feel after the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

First....find the perfect tree. Photo bombed by a mitten :)

This is the one! The girls had one in their room too this year. We decorated it with pink bulbs and red ribbon. It was just right for a festive, glamorous touch!

Gretta turned 11 on the 19th, so we surprised her to a trip to Heritage Hill's 'Spirit of Christmas' event. Cousin Lily and Leila's friend Lindsey came along, as well as both grandparents and all of the siblings. We decorated cookies, went on a horse drawn carriage ride, and toured the grounds especially decorated for Christmas!

Afterwards, we sang and ate cake at home. Yum!

Our sweet Torpens visited us last week, and here are James and Theo catching up on lost time.

Silas finished his math book, so off to Barnes and Noble for their one and only red sugar cookie. I think half of it is still on the shelf!

Dad and I went out to 'Tavern in the Sky' for lunch, with Christmas shopping to follow.

Our view from the 5th floor!

Clever Uncle Mike hooked up three long sleds to his tractor and drove us around the land.

Enjoying the ride with Liza by our side!

I don't think the views get any better!

Grandma Lo's turn :)

Christmas Stoffel Style- kids in the sunroom & we say ready, set, go, and then get out of dodge. 
So many fun memories!

And now it is the adults turn for fun with white elephant gifts. Tim won a "find your key" kit after stealing a snow scraper and getting it stolen. I stole a Starbucks mug and gift card from Linds, who ended up with yummy tea and honey.

Christmas morning 2017

Christmas evening 2017- until next time!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

November Days

This month is always filled to the brim for us with birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, and so often I miss photos of those extraordinary moments. BUT...we have been on quite a few field trips lately, and I am happy to share those!

When I told family members we were taking a field trip to the grocery store, they thought I meant we were getting groceries. No! Festival Foods gave our group a thorough tour of their facility, and even gave the kids snacks a long the way!

Gampy took us out to eat at 1919 and let the kids order whatever they wanted!! What a treat!

Gretta and Sam and friends from their Essentials writing class participated in a geography fair this month. They each put a name of a country of choice in a bowl, and drew out "Djibouti, Africa". The team worked so hard to create a booth including a map, flag, and treat. 

The Paper Discovery Museum offered fabulous hands on experiences. The kids learned how and why paper is weighted, the history behind the building, and how to make their own paper at home.

A glimpse of an evening away to Sister Bay in Door County...

We were all refreshed by hikes in the woods, new and old games, and rest.

Even without a selfie stick, we fit into the frame =)

This girl made a mask all on her own today...

and added a beard to resemble Abraham. Sweet pea!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Having a Ball This Fall

Our fab five braving the cold for a quick pic. These days go by way too fast! 
I am beyond thankful to the Lord for each one, so unique from the other.

Friends + ice cream = a great day

This was taken at the end of September, one month ago. We were outside at the Title town District having a blast in the hot hot weather!

Leila loves practicing her numbers =)

Just because....

Picking apples with Dad...

and Mom....cheese!

Yesterday, Theo said, "Mom, I am SO busy!" I thought, wow, that was really articulate. I asked, "Busy?". He responded, " Yes! I'm so busy from spinning in a circle!". Awe, sweet pea. DIZZY!

Mmmm. Soon to be applesauce.

This really is fun, I'm just going to make you think I don't like it. :)

Goofy faces!

Sam noticed this alliteration ('treats, teddies, and treasures') during a trip to Door County. He wouldn't stand by the sign for a picture until I told him he couldn't go inside until he posed for the pic. Ha! We all enjoyed some mint fudge.

A trip to Chicago for the weekend with my love. We saw the amazing 'Poets in Autumn' on their tour, and enjoyed a day of camping in Kettle Moraine.

Look at this crew! 2017 costumes: A bee, Ninja Turtles, Queen of Hearts, and Batman

Visiting Ernest..err...Grandma Lo... at work!

Trick or treating with friends. Until next month!