Friday, March 29, 2019

Fantastic Florida

Sweet cousins visiting for Sy's basketball game- even on a blizzard night!

Leila in first position waiting for the music to start...

Sy and I really wanted burgers for our time together. A & W delivered!!

Ben and Sam compete at our annual Syble Hopp games. So fun!

Swimming in FL! Fort Walton Beach was a blast! Here we are, swimming on the first day.

The view from the 5th floor. Sigh.

We took lots of delight in finding shells on the beach- they point to our creative God who even in these small things, reveals His beauty!

Say "cheese" if you're from Wisconsin!

Dressed for the weather. Anything beats ten below.

One of our favorite places in FL- the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensicola. Maybe one of these kiddos will fly a plane some day!

Until next month...

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

One more day!

We are heading to FL tomorrow to visit GG and Gampy. The energy is high, and the packing has begun! February has been long, and we have spent most of our days inside since it has been so frigid out there. We are thrilled to be able to go outside without a jacket, and to jump in the ocean!

Stopping for lunch with some friends! We love coupons :P

These 'bagels' were amazing! Egg, creamcheese, almond flour- and a little bit of Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel seasoning.

We visited cousins in Oshkosh who were presenting their Science Fair Projects. 
Good job, Caedmon!

Way to go Lily!

The next post will be of sunshine and blue skies (Lord willing!).

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Updates from the Frozen Tundra

Big kids are at friends- Pizza Ranch it is! They each only ate a slice of cheese pizza. 
Not to mention the cup of soft serve :) 

Yesterday's snowfall. Today it's freezing. We tried blowing bubbles outside, but it wasn't zero yet, and they happily sailed away in their normal form. We'll try again today!

Title Town Tower- most of them enjoyed it :)

Cheers to warm hot chocolate!

Christmas Eve service at All Saints Church. The service was amazing, and these sweet boys missed the whole thing! Maybe next year...

More sleeping, but this time on Mom's pile of laundry!

Quin and Theo enjoying each other's company

Olivet and Leila before the big cut...

And after! Beautiful inside and out!

Cutting down our Christmas tree- one of our favorite ones yet!

Title Town with GG and Gampy

Happy Birthday morning, Gretta!

Great Grandma with lots of Great Grand children

Pretty girls!

Christmas fun at GG and Gampys- the famous cellophane-mitten challenge is under way!

Look at these two naturals!

These three are inside with Gampy, enjoying a burger.

Christmas in Wrightstown with Grandma Lo, Grandpa Jer, Grey and Jax!

Having some sweet friends over for dinner. Kids ate first, then the adults!

I was amazed at how well this crew did during our tutor meeting at Barnes and Noble. #5tabletakeover

Do you recognize these cool cats?

How about these hot dogs?

Getting ready for crazy hair night at Awana has never been so fun!

Friday, November 30, 2018

November here and gone!

Sweet princesses getting dressed up during community group

Here is our Essentials class for the annual Geography Fair!

A volcano and facts...

and beautiful display of Iceland! We learned so much!

The turkey trotters finished the race on Thanksgiving morning in Oshkosh...

...while these three had breakfast, got dressed, and began some fun crafts lead by Lily and Gretta!

Mmmmm- we enjoyed a delicious meal followed by a picking questions/talents/readings from a bucket. So fun!

Goofy face picture of all the cousins and the birthday boy!

Silas turned 9, and we had our annual triple birthday party in Wrightstown...

for the November birthdays!

Our neighbor Leia also had a birthday this month. The girls learned new birthday songs, played games & ate pizza and ice cream cake!

!Feliz Cumpleanos Leia!

I only got the "after" of this guy- thanks to Auntie Beth, we can see those gorgeous eyes again! We joked that his hair was longer than mine =)

And...a date night with mom- Theo wanted vanilla custard at Culver's (with heath on it like Sam and Daddy get). We picked up a puzzle at hobby lobby and enjoyed some time together. xo