Friday, November 30, 2018

November here and gone!

Sweet princesses getting dressed up during community group

Here is our Essentials class for the annual Geography Fair!

A volcano and facts...

and beautiful display of Iceland! We learned so much!

The turkey trotters finished the race on Thanksgiving morning in Oshkosh...

...while these three had breakfast, got dressed, and began some fun crafts lead by Lily and Gretta!

Mmmmm- we enjoyed a delicious meal followed by a picking questions/talents/readings from a bucket. So fun!

Goofy face picture of all the cousins and the birthday boy!

Silas turned 9, and we had our annual triple birthday party in Wrightstown...

for the November birthdays!

Our neighbor Leia also had a birthday this month. The girls learned new birthday songs, played games & ate pizza and ice cream cake!

!Feliz Cumpleanos Leia!

I only got the "after" of this guy- thanks to Auntie Beth, we can see those gorgeous eyes again! We joked that his hair was longer than mine =)

And...a date night with mom- Theo wanted vanilla custard at Culver's (with heath on it like Sam and Daddy get). We picked up a puzzle at hobby lobby and enjoyed some time together. xo

Happy 40 Tim!

Tim turned 40 on the 19th of November, but to his surprise- we celebrated on the 3rd!

We had a couple nights away where we went for a couple runs, cooked yummy food, and read in quiet! On our way home Saturday, we ordered Chinese for lunch and Tim got to work on the leaves in the backyard. I snuck out to "go shopping" (he didn't have any idea!) and got to the church to meet a lovely crew decorating for the big moment!

Of course, I wish I had taken more pictures; I know I missed a lot of faces! Pastor Jonathan picked Tim up around 4:40 to "help him move something heavy" at church. Upon entering the building on one side, Tim noticed balloons through the window, and thought there could be some sort of shower going on. Pastor Jonathan asked him to go get a flashlight in the office when he opened the door, and we all stood up and shouted, "SURPRISE!". He truly was, which made it all worth it!

Happy 40th to my sweet husband who loves his family well, serves un-endlessly, and wears 40 well- we love you!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

From Pumpkin Day to Halloween and a Little in Between

2018 Pumpkin Days in Oconto 

Theo chose all of the ones he couldn't carry. I think he's unto something!

Big smiles!

This is Lou's fave.

Guarding the pumpkins is a big job.

So is playing football!

Theo, Grey & Jax- best buds

Our field trip to Pinecrest Village was eye opening...

from learning how a blacksmith does his job, 

to whipping our own heavy cream,

there was so much to do and see...

like learn the alphabet!

A big bowl of porridge awaits this hungry gang.

Leila & Ivy

Lewis, Rodney, Silas, Sam & Theo

Strike a pose.

Grandma Lo came along and we had a blast!

Daddy carved a pumpkin and lit a candle inside...ohhhh!

Finding just the right apple at Hillside Orchards

Theo found a few. Sy likes macs.

Gretta favored the honey crisp.

Sam liked them all!

Gretta's portraits of these two :)

Theo and Ethan lounging around.

Eggs and bacon, anyone?

Theo is holding Elsa, a sweet Standard Poodle from a litter of 9. 
Our sweet friends invited us over to meet the batch, and what fun we had!

A few moms and daughters venturing to IKEA in Milwaukee for a day trip. 
It was also Abby's birthday!

Greyson's special birthday party at Warrior Jungle- so fun!

Our CC community dressed in their finest!

Trick or Treating on a warm evening...

....and enjoying the spoils! Until next month...